Uncharted movie with Tom Holland shares 4 new images

After overcoming many problems, such as giving up the project by several directors, the film will finally be released this summer.

Not long ago, it seemed impossible that we would see tangible examples of the movie, based on the popular Uncharted franchise that Sony Pictures produces, and this movie has seen many problems. To those inherent in this year, mainly due to the global pandemic caused by the coronavirus, we need to add multiple drivers left behind during pre-production. Fortunately, however, we can already start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, mainly thanks to these four images published from the film’s official Twitter account, after seeing Tom Holland as Nathan Drake.

As we can see, they are not particularly explicit images, but the adventurous essence of the Naughty Dog franchise can be captured. In that tweet, both Holland and Mark Wahlberg, who will play Sully, are tagged. The childhood of both in regards to their video game characters has led to speculation that the film explores the origins of Nathan Drake, although no data has been confirmed from the script at this point, which Holland is pleased with. In charge of this script are Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, who also produced Iron Man, who were considered the origin of Marvel’s successful cinema cycle.

Premiere this year

As is clear, Uncharted’s release date has changed a lot in recent years, and it’s still curious as it was in the past and turbulent year 2020 when it was confirmed that it could be final this time: the following July 16, 2021. Behind the cameras is definitely Ruben Fleischer, known for directing other films as well, such as Venom or Zombieland deliveries.

The cast is currently being rounded off together with Holland and Wahlberg, our fellow countryman Antonio Banderas, albeit in a role to be determined.

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