Under-30s to receive invitation to book COVID vaccines 'within days'

According to Matt Hancock, under 30s are expected to be invited to receive their COVID vaccine within a few days.

The health minister has signaled that younger adults will be able to get their vaccinations soon in the coming week as the British continue to see a large uptake of the vaccine.

It’s coming as COVID cases rise, but it’s still not certain whether the new Indian variant will reopen the country on Jan.

The ministers should “examine other options” because the opening of the country is doubtful.

Mr Hancock said vaccines “severed but not broken” the link between rising Covid cases and an increase in hospitalized people. reports the mirror.

“The majority of people currently hospitalized are unvaccinated,” he told Sky News.

“This week we will be opening vaccines to the under 30s and we are one step closer to the point where we can offer the vaccine to all adults in this country.

“Then when everyone has got their second dose, you will get this protection that we are currently seeing in the elderly, you will get this protection in the entire adult population.”

He didn’t give any further details on how the rollout would work, but the age range was recently moved down by a year or two.

Currently, people aged 30 and over can book a Covid jab.

Vaccinating secondary school students could have “benefits” for education, Hancock said.

He said: “We are currently receiving advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI), the experts in this field, on the right approach to put into practice.

“Well, of course, for the time being, starting today we’re vaccinating people aged 30 and over, next week we’re going to open vaccinations for the under-30s who are adults, so we have a few weeks left until we come up with a plan on how and if.” we move this forward.

“We know the vaccine will both protect you and help you stop transmission, and I want to protect education just like anyone else … seen in the fall, for example, it has educational benefits.”

According to reports, jabs for school children could be introduced as early as August.

Officials are preparing to introduce the Pfizer jab in schools early in the fall semester, the Telegraph reported.

More than half of the people in England are now fully vaccinated and more than 23 million people are already receiving both doses.

About 33,525,485 people – more than three-quarters of the country’s adult population – have had their first vaccination.


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