Union asks NLRB to set aside Amazon election results

“We call for a full investigation into Amazon’s behavior in the corruption of this election,” said Stuart Appelbaum, president of RWDSU, in a statement.

The objections: The union cites various actions taken by the company, including installing a ballot box, warning of layoffs among unionized workers, dismissing a union supporter for distributing union permit cards, and hiring police officers to monitor the parking lot for employees and union organizers.

Such behavior, the union said, had a deterrent effect on workers who violated their rights under federal labor law.

RWDSU has asked the NLRB Regional Director to schedule a hearing to decide whether to discard the election results because of alleged illegal acts by Amazon.

“After an intense anti-union campaign developed by Amazon to intimidate and manipulate,” the union said in a statement, “workers are looking for a chance to finally have a right to fair representation, a seat at the table and a real opportunity to have.” Fix the litany of issues Amazon employees have faced for far too long. “

The mailbox: According to Emails received in response to a request from the Freedom of Information Act Filed by RWDSU, Amazon urged the U.S. Postal Service to install a private mailbox in the facility just before workers were due to start mailing their ballots. However, when setting the rules for conducting the elections, the NLRB said that the use of “equipment that clearly belongs to the employer” and monitoring of the polling tent could create “the impression of monitoring or tracking” workers’ votes.

“Although the NLRB definitely denied Amazon’s request for a Dropbox on the warehouse lot, Amazon felt it was above the law and still worked with the postal service to install one,” said Appelbaum. “They did this because it was a clear way of intimidating workers.”

The answer: Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the union’s charges.

Last week, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said he believes the company “needs to do a better job for our employees” following the union action in Alabama.

“Is your chairman consoling himself with the result of the recent union vote in Bessemer? No, he doesn’t, ”said Bezos wrote in a letter to the shareholders. “Although the voting results were one-sided and our direct relationship with the employees is strong, I understand that we need a better vision of how we create value for the employees – a vision for their success.”

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