Unison calls for end of compulsory jabs for England's care home staff

The government is warned of widespread closings of nursing homes unless it repeals the no jab, no job law in England.

Unison said ministers were “sleepwalking” into disaster, revealing that a brain drain had already begun.

The union said the controversial mandatory vaccination rule for England is pushing thousands of workers to the brink of quitting care work before the September 16 deadline to get their first vaccination or lose their jobs.

Compulsory vaccination is a “massive distraction” from work, caring for people, and taking time and resources away from employers and the government, Unison said.

Secretary-General Christina McAnea said: “Vaccination remains the way out of the pandemic, but forcing and harassing people can never be the right approach.

“Ministers have been told repeatedly that using force instead of persuasion will fail, but they haven’t listened and now their ill-considered policies are backfiring.

“The government sleepwalked into this disaster by not acting. Nursing is already a broken and underfunded sector that cannot afford to lose any more staff.

“The government must now abolish the ‘no jab, no job’ rule. Widespread home closings could result if they ignore the warnings.

“For the elderly and those who cannot live without care, this would be a disaster.”

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