United probing Cruz flight data leak

“It is against United’s policy to share personal information about our customers and we are investigating this incident,” said the United CEO in a statement made exclusively to POLITICO. The executive found that the leaker could be ended.

Tens of thousands of United employees have access to customer flight data to serve customers, but leaks about individual travelers’ flight schedules are rare in the industry.

United’s executive said no options are “off the table,” but it depends on the outcome of the investigation and whether they finally find the employee who disclosed the information.

The leak had resulted Tweet journalist Yashar Ali: “The guy who claims to have a United source is putting that source at risk of getting fired with his tweet. Airlines keep track of every single button press by their agents or anyone else who has access to flight records. “

Details of Cruz’s original return flight from Russell weren’t the only travel dates journalists discovered about Cruz.

In addition, travel reporters discovered that a “CRU, R.” was on the upgrade standby list for the Cancun-Houston flight on Thursday afternoon, three hours before Cruz issued his statement that he would be returning to the United States. Such upgrade lists are publicly available, although they are not widely used.

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