Universal Credit: What is a hardship payment and how do I receive the money?

Many of us will face difficult times at some point in our lives. Then the social security benefits come into play.

You can get various kinds of help from the government when you need a little financial boost and help in your daily life.

If you claim Universal credit , Jobseeker’s Allowance, or Employment and Support Allowance, your benefit payments may have been stopped altogether or the Department of Work and Pensions reduced them.

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If this has happened to you, don’t worry. While it’s not ideal, if you’re having trouble paying for essential items, you may be eligible for payment that can help with these issues.

So what is a hardship payment and how do I get the money? Here’s what you need to know …

Universal loan: what is a hardship payment and how do I get the money?

If you’re applying for universal credit, unemployment benefits, or employment and support allowances, you may be able to get a hardship payment to cover essentials like groceries and clothing.

However, to meet the criteria, you must have been sanctioned by the Department of Work and Pensions, meaning you will either receive a reduced benefit rate or you will not receive any payment at all.

If you have a universal loan, you will usually receive a daily hardship rate of 60 percent of the sanction amount. The number calculated by the government is the degree of hardship multiplied by the number of days you have been penalized for.

Remember, this really isn’t any extra money – you have to pay it back and if it comes from your universal loan payment it will make you notice less in your bank account than usual.

If you are receiving employment and support allowances, you may also have been sanctioned and you, your partner and / or child would get into trouble if the money was not given. Reasons you might claim are food or health reasons. Talk to your Jobcenter Plus if you would like to apply. You may not have to repay this money.

For unemployment benefit, you have to tell your job center coach why you need it. For example, you can’t buy groceries, pay your electricity bills, or get clothes for your children. A health need or disability can also be specified on the application form. To receive an unemployment benefit hardship allowance, request a form from your local Jobcenter Plus.

If you do not wish to receive hardship benefits, you may be eligible for a different government or local authority pool from a separate fund, program, or grant. cash a list of them this winter compiled by Birmingham Live .


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