Universal Credit: What is a statement of reasons and how does it affect my benefit money?

You may decide to apply for Universal Credit after you have worked but have low income, are unemployed, or because you are unable to work.

The amount you receive is determined by an official on behalf of the Department of Works and Pensions and takes into account a medical condition, disability, children you care for and other circumstances.

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You’re paid monthly, but the Universal Credit payment falls behind, and it can take five weeks before you get your first bit of money.

But when you receive your decision letter, you may be wondering what a “reason” is and how to access it. Here’s what we know.

Universal Credit: What is a justification and how does it affect my benefit money?

You should receive a “justification” about your online Universal Credit account when you receive your decision.

It outlines the decision made and why the officials reached that conclusion.

If you haven’t received one, you can contact the Department for Work and Pensions for a certificate through the Universal Credit line, but they may refuse if they believe they have already issued you a certificate .

A “justification” is useful if you want to contest your benefit decision and apply for what is known as a “mandatory review”.

You can request this for up to one month from the date of your decision letter if you think an error or important information was missed in your application, you disagree with the outcome of the decision, or if you want a second one Time is checked.

If you have received the result of your ‘mandatory review’ and are still unhappy with the decision, you can appeal to the Social Security and Child Support Tribunal.

The judge and two decision makers are independent and impartial and will hear both sides of the evidence. For example, you can ask about your circumstances. The officials who made your decision may also be present, but they will not decide the outcome. Only the judge and two experts will make this decision.

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