Unjabbed mum dies of Covid after emergency Caesarean before meeting her 9th child

Jennifer Rosebluff-Thomas, of Edmonton, Canada, had her ninth baby removed by caesarean section so she could get oxygen while fighting Covid – but she never recovered

Jennifer Rosebluff-Thomas died of Covid without ever seeing her ninth child (

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An unvaccinated pregnant woman was given an emergency cesarean section by medical staff who saved her ninth baby before she tragically died of Covid.

Jennifer Rosebluff-Thomas, who lived in Edmonton, Canada, was 29 weeks pregnant when she caught the Delta variant in August and never recovered, they say.

The mother, who had eight other children, had a caesarean section from the medical staff at Royal Alexandra Hospital to help her breathe, but it was not enough to save her.

Her sister, Carol Charles, said Ms. Rosebluff-Thomas feared the worst when she was transferred to the casualty department the last time they videotaped.

“She told me, sister, I was dying. You are taking me to the intensive care unit,” she told CBC News.

Carol Charles, left, said she urged her sister to get vaccinated



“In the last video chat I had with her, I just said ‘don’t worry’. I said, ‘I’ll see the kids. I’ll be there, don’t worry ‘. And she cried. I could tell that she was scared. “

Ms. Charles said she then got a call from the medical team to say they were going to do a cesarean section to get oxygen into her lungs.

But Ms. Rosebluff-Thomas never recovered and had the chance to see her new daughter when she died on September 3rd.

Not being vaccinated reduced her chances of survival, and her sister said she was urging her to get a vaccination.

“The sad thing is my sister wasn’t vaccinated,” said Charles. “We discussed that in the spring when there were vaccinations because her large family and the children she had already had at school were at home. I just thought, ‘You have to get vaccinated.'”

The 35-year-old had her baby delivered by caesarean section to get more oxygen



Dr. Stephanie Cooper, an obstetrician at Foothills Medical Center in Calgary, highlighted the greater risk for unvaccinated pregnant women of developing seriously Covid.

She reportedly said that more than 20 pregnant women with critical Covid were hospitalized in Alberta in August and September and none of them had been vaccinated.

Dr. Cooper said that usually the goal is to keep the baby in the mother for as long as possible, but sometimes it is necessary to remove the fetus in order to save either the baby or the mother.

This also includes if the mother is so sick with Covid that she has to be supplied with oxygen from the outside.

A GoFundMe set up to support Ms. Rosebluff-Thomas’s children said, “All she wanted to do was get better so she could go home to see her children, but unfortunately she did not recover . Jennifer was a beautiful person with a beautiful soul.

“She loved all of her children and did her best to give them everything and more.”

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