Unkore: Japanese game turns poop information into coins

Unkore: Japanese game turns poop information into coins

Have you ever imagined a gut bacteria game in the form of cute anime characters whose main purpose is to help control poop consistency and fight colon cancer? Well, the Japan Society Unko took this idea seriously and last Sunday (15) launched Unkore, a mobile game and RPG that addresses the need for digestive tract care.

The title takes players into the realm of Untopia, and the gameplay includes forging relationships with NPCs, evolving through combat and missions, and plenty of educational dialogues about the organism’s functions.

But most interestingly, it serves to help users monitor how often you use the bathroom and that their stools are healthy, with the personal information provided through conversations with the characters who generate coins to purchase items!

Apparently the idea behind the cell phone is to find a way to send data and medical reports that could be considered somewhat inconvenient, make it more enjoyable, by using simpler expressions so that everyone can understand and learn how important it is to take good care of the digestion of your system!

Currently Unkore is only available in Japan, but if it had a Brazilian version, would you use it? Are you sure your stool is worth pennies? Included for us in the comments section!


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