'Unthinkably stupid' woman lays across train tracks for a photo op

Police have criticized a woman who lay down on dangerous railroad tracks to pose for a photo with a friend.

The woman’s ruthlessness was videotaped at the Tidemills level crossing near Seaford in East Sussex.

When her friend angled her cell phone to take the photo, the woman posed on the tracks where trains travel at 120 km / h.

The couple hung around the tracks for 50 seconds at 11:30 a.m. on Monday, January 18 Manchester Evening News reports.

In the past nine months, there have been 17 incidents at the intersection, 15 of which were near misses, according to police.

It’s a bizarre increase from just four recorded incidents and three recorded near misses in all of 2019.

Tracy Partridge, Network Rail’s East Sussex level crossing manager, said: “We are concerned about the repetitive dangerous behavior at the Tidemills level crossing that follows last year’s near misses.

“We can’t emphasize enough the danger people put themselves if they don’t safely use an intersection.

“A decision made in a split second can have life-changing consequences, not only for those involved, but also for their family and friends, train drivers and railway workers.

“Please do not take any chances when using level crossings. If you have any concerns, always contact Network Rail or the UK Traffic Police.”

Among the other dangerous behaviors recorded in Tidemills were a large group of pedestrians trying to hit on approaching trains, bike riders who narrowly missed them, and even a funeral procession that passed over the intersection.

Users of the intersection have also stopped to film emergency stops of trains in Tidemills.

British Traffic Police inspector Jonathan Pine said: “This is unthinkably stupid behavior by two women who seem unaware of the dangers of level crossings.

“Trains run through this line at speeds of up to 100 km / h, so they could easily be moments away from a catastrophic incident.

“We have seen firsthand the consequences of this kind of recklessness, and no photo opportunity is worth risking your life for.”

The footpath is permanently closed as soon as a new pedestrian bridge is available.

Network Rail’s proposals for the new bridge at the South Downs National Park site have been approved.


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