US Anti-Ransomware Summit Does Not Include China And Russia

Anti-ransomware: The US government began virtual meetings on Wednesday (13) with leaders from at least 30 countries to discuss measures to fight ransomware attacks. The malicious campaigns resulted in more than $400 million in ransom payments in 2020 alone, according to the White House, the equivalent of $2.2 billion a day.

The two-day online summit will be the first of many scheduled meetings between ministers and senior officials from the invited countries. The talks should address topics such as the misuse of cryptocurrencies for money laundering, efforts to prosecute cybercriminals and diplomacy to contain attacks.

Discussions about the “Against Ransomware Initiative,” as the cyber meeting was dubbed, are based on the efforts of the Joe Biden administration to deal with cybercriminals. Recently, the US president announced investments to disrupt the entire infrastructure behind the ransomware groups.

Biden also called on the private sector to invest in defense mechanisms to face cyber threats and called for international cooperation to hinder the actions of criminals who would operate with impunity in several countries. He also talked about new tools to detect and prevent the illegal use of virtual currencies.

Russia and China excluded

Among those invited to participate in the first meetings of the Anti-ransomware Two important absences were identified at the initiative. Both Russia and China are not participating in the meetings scheduled for this week.

US government officials said the lack of tougher action to fight ransomware attacks by the governments of these two countries has left the Russians and Chinese out of the first round of talks.

It is worth remembering that the two nations have been accused by the US of facilitating the campaigns of groups responsible for the invasions and in some cases even financing cyber attacks.

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