US Army tests glasses that “see” through walls

The US military is testing new equipment that promises to give soldiers “super powers”. They are glasses that allow a person to see in completely dark environments, see from the air – without taking their feet off the ground – and have the ability to see through the walls of the armored vehicles used by the military. This is because the device can connect to the remote cameras of the vehicles. This way, the entire team has an outside view, without exposing itself.

The glasses called IAVS (Integrated Augmented Vision System; in Portuguese, Integrated System or Magnified Vision) have a system of seven cameras above the lenses, allowing images to be captured in the most diverse environments.

According to Sergeant Philip Bartel of the Army Stryker 1-2 Brigade Combat Team, technology should change the soldiers’ entire strategy from now on. “The command will be able to maneuver the elements and get a view of the target without leaving the safety of their armored vehicles. Maneuvering elements with this kind of information will minimize the number of casualties, drastically change the way we work and increase our effectiveness on the battlefield.

The goggles will also be able to show maps of a region and “use” images taken by a drone that will fly over the battlefield. For the distribution of the equipment, the military requested a value of US $ 1.1 billion for the purchase of 40 thousand units. However, the US Congress cut the budget by 20%.

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