US baffled by China's hypersonic missile that travels five times speed of sound

China’s hypersonic gliding vehicle fired a missile in mid-flight over the South China Sea in July, taking the Pentagon by surprise and causing US analysts to understand how it was done

US President Joe Biden talks virtually with Chinese President Xi Jinping from the White House (


A hypersonic missile was fired from China at five times the speed of sound and left America stunned, it is said.

The test, conducted on July 27, included impressive technological performance that no other nation has demonstrated and took the Pentagon by surprise, according to US intelligence.

A hypersonic gliding spacecraft capable of carrying a nuclear warhead fired the missile while in flight over the South China Sea.

The test apparently defied the limitations of physics with experts from the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) trying to understand how it was conducted Financial Times reports.

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US Air Force General John Hyten said the test “should likely create a sense of urgency”.



The agency is also trying to figure out the purpose of the missile launch, which didn’t seem to have an obvious target.

The US and Russia have been studying hypersonic weapons for the past few years, but the test proves that China’s technology is more advanced in the field, experts said.

The White House has reiterated its ongoing concerns about China following the incident.

China President Xi Jinping



A spokesman for the National Security Council said: “This development affects us as it should for all who seek peace and stability in the region and beyond.

“This also builds on our concerns about many military capabilities that the People’s Republic of China continues to pursue.”

The glider took off into space with an “Orbital Bombardment System” missile that can fly over the South Pole, out of range of US anti-missile missiles.

Experts fear that China now has another means of attacking the US.

China continues to build its nuclear forces in a way that suggests it will ignore its own previously accepted “minimum defense” position.

The US, meanwhile, plans to quadruple its nuclear warheads to 1,000 in a decade.

Russia’s “ghost” nuclear missile RT-23



Liu Pengyu, spokesman for the Chinese embassy, ​​said, “We are not at all interested in an arms race with other countries.

“The US has been making excuses such as ‘the threat from China’ in recent years to justify its weapons expansion and hypersonic weapon development.”

While the US Space Force’s deputy chief of space operations, General David Thompson, said the country was “not as advanced” as China or Russia on hypersonic weapons.

The US military had previously detonated a hypersonic weapon seconds after taking off


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“We have some catching up to do very quickly. The Chinese have had an incredibly aggressive hypersonic program for several years,” he added.

Joint Chiefs’ vice chairman Gen. John Hyten said the test “should likely create a sense of urgency”.

It comes when the US was called in to help locate and rescue a crashed fighter jet that crashed into the Mediterranean Sea, it is reported.

The Royal Navy is reportedly working with the Americans to salvage the stricken £ 100 million British fighter jet, the pilot of which was ejected from the plane.

Elsewhere it was reported that Russia is now paying “keen attention” to the UK’s flagship aircraft carrier in the region.

The pilot was part of the British combat force HMS Queen Elizabeth, which was practicing for the war.

The pilot is believed to recover from the crash on Wednesday at 10 a.m. and be back on the ship.

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