US issues new Russia sanctions and expels diplomats

US President Joe Biden has announced new sanctions against Russia, with the expulsion of 10 diplomats in retaliation for alleged hacker attacks and electoral disruption.

The US sanctions that the government has been predicting for weeks now represent the first retaliation announced against the Kremlin for last year’s hack known as the SolarWinds Violation.

It is believed that during this operation, Russian hackers infected widespread software with malicious code that allowed them to access the networks of at least nine agencies. This is part of what US officials think is an operation aimed at unraveling the secrets of the American government.

The measures are intended to send a clear message of retaliation to Russia and deter similar actions in the future.

You are in an already strained relationship between the US and Russia. US President Joe Biden told Russian President Vladimir Putin this week that the US would “act decisively against its national interests” in terms of Russian burglaries and election disruptions.

However, it remained unclear whether the actions would actually lead to changed behavior, especially since previous US measures did not end Russian hacking.

US officials are still grappling with the aftermath of the SolarWinds intrusion, which has affected agencies such as the Treasury, Justice, Energy and Homeland Security Departments, and are currently investigating what information may have been stolen.

The violation uncovered weaknesses in the supply chain as well as weaknesses in the federal government’s own cyber defense.

The measures would represent the second major round of sanctions by the Biden government against Russia.

Last month, the US sanctioned seven senior and senior Russian officials and more than a dozen government agencies for a near-fatal nerve agent attack on opposition leader Alexei Navalny and his subsequent imprisonment.

Earlier this week, Britain and other G7 countries called for Russia to end provocations and de-escalate tensions in Ukraine.

It comes after the Royal Air Force (RAF) typhoon jets armed with Paveway bombs and Brimstone missiles were dispatched to Romania out of fear President Putin is preparing to invade his neighbor. British defense chiefs have confirmed that the multi-role fighter jets will monitor the skies around the Black Sea.


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