US President Joe Biden to get 67m Americans vaccinated against Covid-19

US President Joe Biden campaigned for Covid-19 vaccination regulations on Thursday, noting that the roughly 67 million unvaccinated American adults must be vaccinated, despite admitting that mandates were not his “first instinct”.

Mr Biden had ruled out such requirements before taking office in January, but they are now a tactic he feels compelled to use by a stubborn section of the public who refuse to get vaccinated, and with it the lives of others and the economic recovery of the world Nation endangered.

“There is no other way to beat the pandemic than to vaccinate the vast majority of the American population,” Biden said in suburban Chicago at an event that promoted the mandates.

“I didn’t drive straight away, but that meant I had to turn to the requirements.”

In the coming weeks, more than 100 million Americans will be subject to the vaccine requirements ordered by Mr. Biden. And his government encourages employers to voluntarily take additional steps that would impose vaccines on people or subject them to onerous testing requirements.

Forcing people to do what they don’t want is rarely a successful political strategy. Yet with the majority of the country already vaccinated and with industry by his side, Biden has proven an unlikely advocate of intimidation tactics to promote vaccination.

“Look, I know that vaccination requirements are tough medicine – unpopular to some, politics to others – but they’re life-saving, they’re changing our country,” said Biden.

But the requirements have received widespread public support. People are hoping to leave a pandemic that has claimed more than 700,000 lives in the United States, and companies see vaccination as a roadmap to a revitalized economy.

Mr. Biden took the news to a construction site owned by Clayco, a major construction company, which in connection with his visit announced a new vaccination or testing requirement for its employees.

The company is taking action weeks ahead of an upcoming OSHA regulation requiring all employers with more than 100 employees to have their employees vaccinated or tested for the coronavirus weekly.

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