Vacancy to run guest house on tiny Scottish Island receives 100 applicants from around the world

Conservationists have revealed that 100 people from around the world have applied for a job to run a guest house on a tiny Scottish island where just 15 people live.

Canna, Inner Hebrides, is only four and a half miles long and one mile wide and lies 23 miles in the Atlantic – over two hours from the mainland.

But last year a rare job opportunity arose to manage the island’s Tighard Guest House – and has attracted 100 applicants from around the world.

Enthusiastic island owners, the National Trust for Scotland, said they had shortlisted 10 tenant farmers for the job, hoping to appoint someone by Easter.

Tighard, meaning ‘high house’ in Gaelic, is a circa 1904 Edwardian estate, situated on a hilltop and surrounded by stunning views.

Renovated in 2006 as a guest house, it offers three bedrooms to rent all year round, with large garden grounds and a small orchard and woodland.

NTS was looking for someone with good hospitality and social skills for the job, as the house is one of the few holiday providers on the island.

Last year the previous owner announced he was giving up the role but staying on the island.

Candidates were asked to create a business plan and will be taken on a tour of Canna and a meeting with the Community Development Trust prior to their appointment.

The Development Trust is building rental housing and hopes to double its population to around 30.

A spokesman for the National Trust for Scotland said: “We are delighted at the strong interest in the Cannas Tighard House lease, which has attracted inquiries from around the world.

“By the closing date, 100 formal applications were received, which were reduced to a shortlist of 10.

“In the next phase, the Trust will review applicants’ business plans for running the guest house and then facilitate travel to Canna for a tour of the property and importantly community meetings.

“This gives applicants the opportunity to ensure that island life is for them and that in turn they can contribute to the well-being of Canna.

“Together with the municipality, a decision will be made on the successful application with a view to the rental agreement by around Easter.”

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