'Vaccinated should have more freedoms than unvaccinated'

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair said it was “time to distinguish, in terms of freedom,” between people who are vaccinated and unvaccinated when it comes to travel and domestic issues.

Mr Blair also described the NHS app, which reports vaccination as “insufficient”, as it “makes no sense at all to equate those who have been vaccinated with those who have not been vaccinated”.

The former Labor leader responded to a report from the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change that said “vaccination status is important” and advocates the idea of ​​health passports “to enable citizens to secure their status and to prove it in a data protection-friendly manner “.

The report states that the health passport system should be used both domestically and abroad: “With this ability to reliably prove vaccination status, we can go beyond blunt, all-encompassing instruments and coordinate with other countries by making certain Lift restrictions on fully vaccinated people “so that we can reopen the economy sustainably.”

It goes on to say: “As long as the world remains largely unvaccinated and the risk of a new variant remains high, it is important that we have an alternative to the blunt tool of lockdown so that the country can live freely and safely.”

Mr Blair said: “The time has come to distinguish between vaccinated and unvaccinated people in terms of freedom from restrictions, both for citizens here and for domestic purposes; but also for our citizens and those from other countries in terms of travel, as vaccination significantly reduces the risk.

“It therefore makes absolutely no sense to treat the vaccinated in the same way as those without vaccination.”

Referring to the report, which states “why the current NHS app for detecting vaccinations is inadequate and should be changed more easily and effectively,” he continued, “Of course we make a distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated.

“But the entire risk management is based on the distinction between different types and levels of risk.

“Nothing is more important than vaccination and that’s why we do it,” Blair said.

“Yes, by giving those vaccinated more freedom and fewer restrictions, we are providing a strong incentive to start vaccinating, but this is a perfectly valid public policy goal.

“Except for medical reasons, people should be vaccinated.”

A senior government source said: “Again, Mr Blair appears to have heard of things already in the pipeline with the NHS app and decided to publicly challenge them.

“Nevertheless, we thank him for his continued support.”


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