Vaccinations postponed as heavy snow and freezing rain batter UK

Heavy snow and freezing rain have hit parts of the UK. Some elderly patients have been asked to reschedule their coronavirus vaccination appointments to avoid the bad weather.

The Met Office had issued an amber snow warning for parts of Scotland and northern England overnight through Thursday. By 9 a.m., up to 11 cm had fallen in the Perth and Kinross areas and 5 cm in Cumbria and large accumulations elsewhere.

Hospital bosses have advised elderly people not to visit the Mass Vaccination Center at the Newcastle Center for Life due to the conditions and have urged them to rebook their appointment.

The Newcastle NHS Hospitals Foundation Trust tweeted, “It’s easy to call 119. You don’t have to risk traveling in bad weather.”

Another yellow warning for snow and ice will remain in place through 9 p.m. Thursday and will extend from the northern highlands to South Yorkshire.

The rest of England is likely to see heavy rain, particularly in London and the South East, while Wales and Northern Ireland are expected to remain largely dry.

The temperature fell to minus 5.5 ° C on Thursday morning in North Yorkshire and minus 6.4 ° C in Dalwhinnie in the highlands.

Met Office spokeswoman Nicky Maxey said Thursday the unexplained conditions will continue through next week and she urged people to heed new warnings from the forecaster.

She said, “We saw snow leave the M62 Yorkshire area and now travel into the Vales or Yorkshire.

“It will push further south as the day progresses, probably into the Midlands, but less intense.

“It becomes more uneven and the likelihood of it sticking decreases.

“If we start tomorrow, there may be an ice warning. We certainly see some potential for frost.

“If temperatures warm up during the day, the snow can melt.

“If it freezes overnight, there is a possibility of frost and ice tomorrow morning.”

Police Scotland’s road police warned against traveling in wintry weather.

Superintendent Louise Blakelock said: “Due to the ongoing pandemic, government travel restrictions remain in place across Scotland.

“People should only leave their homes for essential purposes and work from home if possible. The best way to stay safe is to stay at home.

“Given the current winter weather, please consider whether your trip is exempt from the regulations and is it really important and whether you can delay it until the weather improves.”

Meanwhile, the trial of a butcher who is accused of raping and murdering a 21-year-old student has been canceled for the day because of the snow.

In Pawel Relowicz’s case, three jurors could not get to Sheffield Crown Court because of the weather, the judge told panel members who could make it.


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