Vaccine minister on who will be next to get the jab

Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi has suggested that police officers, teachers and other critical staff fall into the “highest category of the second phase” of the vaccine rollout.

He told Sky News that the program is currently prioritizing those most prone to death from coronavirus.

He added, “Of course, some cops and teachers will actually get the vaccine (at stage one) because they belong to these categories, but we’re going to move very quickly to these other critical workers in the economy and of course those who like our cops and cops doing an incredible job of protecting us and enforcing the rules will also fall into the highest category of the second phase. “

Mr. Zahawi has urged the public to obey the rules, wear masks and watch single-use systems in supermarkets.

He told Sky News: “We are concerned that in supermarkets, for example, we need to make sure that people are actually wearing masks and are following the one-way system rule, and that they are able to work safely so that people can wait outside of the supermarket .

“We don’t want to get tougher because this is a pretty tough lockdown, but we need people who act like they have the virus so we can get this virus under control during vaccination.”

Mr. Zahawi has said that by mid-February, 15 million people will be notified that a vaccine is ready for them.

He told Sky News, “The top four categories for the UK are 15 million people and for England it’s about 12 million people, so we gave all of those people a vaccination.”

Pointing out the difference between offering a prick and being vaccinated, he said, “If you offer vaccination, it doesn’t mean it’s a Royal Mail letter, but that the vaccine, needle and prick are for you to be ready.”

“You will see that we publish the total number of people vaccinated who are not offered a vaccine, and that is the number for whom we must be held accountable.”


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