Vaccine sceptic Joe Rogan tests positive for Covid – and treats it with dewormer

The popular podcaster said it only tested positive for the disease a year after suggesting that young people shouldn’t need Covid vaccinations

Joe Rogan, one of the most popular podcasters in the world, did not endorse Covid vaccines

The well-known podcaster Joe Rogan has tested positive for Covid.

Joe Rogan, host of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, confirmed that he had tested positive for coronavirus on Wednesday after returning from Florida, the New York Times reports.

On last year’s podcast, Mr. Rogan suggested that young, healthy people don’t need coronavirus vaccinations. He was reprimanded by federal officials for the comments.

He said he felt “sick” Saturday night after coming home from performing in Orlando, Tampa and Fort Lauderdale.

Mr. Rogan posted a video on Instagram saying, “I got a fever all night and knew what was going on.”

Joe Rogan posted a video to his Instagram followers confirming that he was infected with the coronavirus


Joe Rogan / Instagram)

He said he isolated himself from his family and even stayed in a different part of his home. The next morning he took a coronavirus test, which came back positive.

Mr Rogan said he was treated with drugs such as ivermectin, a deworming veterinary drug that the Food and Drug Administration has warned Covid-19 patients about because it has shown it to be ineffective in criminal trials. He also talked about prednisone – a steroid – and a “vitamin drop”.

He said he was “feeling pretty good” on Wednesday.

“A wonderful, heartfelt thank you to modern medicine for getting me out so quickly and easily,” he said.

Mr Rogan said he was forced to postpone his Nashville Friday show until October.

He has already offered refunds to fans who bought tickets for his Madison Square Garden show after New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said all attendees at major events will provide proof of vaccination.

Mr. Rogan gave the refunds for defying the restrictions.

He moderates the podcast “Joe Rogan Experience”


Powerful JRE / Youtube)

He said in August, “If someone has an ideological or physiological reason not to get vaccinated, I don’t want to force them to get vaccinated to watch the show.

“And now you’ve seen that everyone needs to be vaccinated, and I want everyone to know you’re getting your money back.”


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