Vaccine will have to be delivered in a different way in future

According to an expert, how vaccines will continue to be made when the world emerges from the coronavirus pandemic, according to an expert.

Vaccines are currently manufactured in multi-dose glass vials. However, given their specialty, they may not be a viable option in the future as billions of people need bumps every year.

Dr. Ian Muir, managing director of Porton Biopharma and head of the contract manufacturing team for the UK Vaccine Task Force, said there are few manufacturers in the world who can make the specialty vials in which the vaccines are currently supplied.

Speaking at a press conference, he said, “We recognized very early on in the Vaccine Task Force that this would be a key component and that we would think ahead.

“And so, as the UK and with the companies involved, we have taken very concrete steps to ensure that we have secured large quantities of vials and stoppers.”

He added that the supply chain for the vials is getting longer as the demand for them grows around the world.

Dr. Muir said, “I believe that if we are to be more global in joy, the question that needs to be answered is whether 10-dose vials are really the answer for seven billion people and whether we need to look at other delivery systems.

“Whether it’s single-use plastic bottles or pre-filled syringes or other alternative technologies, it will be a real limitation to make and fill enough glass anywhere in the world.”

However, he said the UK had acted quickly and is currently “very well positioned” with regard to access to the vials.


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