Vegan activist bursts into a seafood restaurant yelling about a 'fish holocaust'

If you haven’t had a chance to sit down and watch Seaspiracy, you’ve probably heard of the effects it had.

People around the world have vowed to stop eating fish after watching the documentary that revealed many of the inhumane practices involved in obtaining our fish.

However, few people have gone as far as a group of vegan protesters who recently broke into a seafood restaurant in Perth, Australia and accused the guests of being “animal abusers.”

The group was led by well-known vegan activist Tash Peterson, who is known for performing viral publicity stunts to deter others from eating meat and fish.

Tash was filmed climbing tables and screaming about the “Fish Holocaust” when others in the restaurant booed her and told her to come down.

“Right now, billions of fish, dolphins, whales and other marine animals are being torn from the sea and suffocating in massive trawler nets,” the 26-year-old shouted, adding: “This is the greatest Holocaust in history.”

Tash was then approached by a man who told her to shut up before the outspoken activist threatened to report him to the police if he touched her.

Tash was on a table in the restaurant

Meanwhile, other members of the group were holding a sign telling people to watch the piracy as they sang, “Fish feel pain, just like us!”

Unsurprisingly, people were divided over the group’s campaign tactics, and some praised Tash for their efforts.

“Great job Tash and I know the animals would be very grateful for you,” commented a follower on Instagram.

“You have clearly created so much awareness of this fish massacre that it needs to be abolished. Cant wait to see the top in the views from the documentary Seaspiracy! “

Another, less disapproving, commented, however, “In all honesty, it’s just so disrespectful … let people live their lives and enjoy a meal with their friends or family without being yelled at. This kind of “protesting” will never make anyone go vegan. “

In other protests, Tash stormed McDonald’s in blood-covered aprons and ran onto soccer fields in the middle of the games.


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