Veterans Minister quits Government 'in protest over Troubles troops cases'

The government minister who cares for veterans resigned on Tuesday (April 20) in protest at the treatment of Troubles troops.

Johnny Mercer filed his resignation today, a Downing Street spokeswoman confirmed.

The former British Army officer is unhappy with the lack of progress in dealing with former employees investigated for murders during the riots in Northern Ireland, PA reports.

He was heavily involved in the overseas operations (service personnel and veterans) bill which is in its final stages in parliament.

The legislation was developed in response to legal claims following operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, but does not cover incidents in Northern Ireland.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson thanked the MP for Plymouth Moor View for serving as minister following his resignation Tuesday, according to a # 10 spokeswoman.

The statement, released just after 7pm, said: “Tonight the Prime Minister accepted Johnny Mercer’s resignation as Minister of Defense and Veterans.

“He thanks Johnny Mercer for serving as Minister of Government since 2019.”

Shortly after 7 p.m., Mr. Mercer posted his resignation letter on his Twitter account.

To Mr Johnson, he said: “It is with a heavy heart that I am compelled to offer you my resignation from your government.

“I was hoping that your tenure would signal a change in Veterans’ Affairs in the UK. While we continue to say the right things, you will understand that if we disagree, we run the risk of harming someone who has already been injured what we deliver. ” Veterans cohort continue; As I told you last month at our first face-to-face meeting, we crossed that line some time ago. “

Commenting on his own experience in the military, he added: “I am of course very sad that events turned out the way they are. I have really exhausted my efforts on my team to make it work. But the truth is, politics always that was what it means. ” To change the way this country treats its military veterans, I am still appalled by the experiences of some of the best people in this nation who have served in the armed forces.

“I thought and bleed next to you, I have been much luckier than many of them since then, and I have a duty to tell the truth to the Force.”


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