Video shows demolition of former power station

Four cooling towers at a former power station in Staffordshire were destroyed in a controlled explosion.

Families have been urged to stay home to watch the Rugeley cooling towers being demolished online. reports Staffordshire Live. However, PA photos show a large crowd gathered to see the spectacle.

The 117-meter-high concrete towers that have dominated the Rugeley skyline for decades were destroyed with explosives at around 11:15 a.m. on Sunday.

The French energy company and former operator of the power plant, Engie, is planning to renovate the site for living and working spaces.

In April of this year, master plan approval was granted for 2,300 new “low carbon” homes and a school.

The larger development will include more than 12 acres of work space, a new neighborhood center and landscaped park near the River Trent, Engie said.

Construction of the Rugeley ‘B’ coal-fired power station began in 1965 and the plant was completed in 1972. On June 8, 2016, all operations were shut down.

Energy Minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan said: “We are committed to building greener after the pandemic and Engie’s low carbon regeneration project is a great initiative showing how industrial sites can be revitalized to enable sustainable living.

“This innovative renovation will help breathe new life into the local community, create new jobs, thousands of low-carbon homes and a new school, while also supporting our ambitious climate commitments.”


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