Video Shows Galaxy S22, S22+ And S22 Ultra Design

Galaxy S22: The leaks on the Galaxy S22 keep happening. After images of the mobile phone surfaced on the internet, the leak specialist OnLeaks published a video showing the appearance of the three smartphones in the series, which will be released in 2022.

In a Twitter post, journalist Steve Hemmerstoffer showed a video featuring the “dummy” models of the Galaxy S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra. In a few seconds, the images show the design of the devices, including the compartment for the S Pen present in the most powerful edition of the line.

The “dummy” versions of mobile phones are unfinished editions of the devices and have no system. The aim of the product is to help companies that make, for example, covers and accessories. That is, despite not representing the latest edition of the devices, the devices serve as a good guideline for what we’ll be able to see in 2022.

S Pen on S22 Ultra and many cameras

The aforementioned S Pen presence on the Galaxy S22 Ultra is one of the key new features of Samsung’s upcoming cell phone line. The novelty could “kill” the Galaxy Note line, which did not gain a new member in 2021.

The images also show that Samsung should not skimp on mobile cameras. While the S22 and S22+ must have three sensors, the Ultra version must have up to five image capture modules, according to leaks. As for the launch, according to speculation, the line should be officially unveiled on February 8.

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