Video shows plane narrowly miss skydivers

A terrifying video from Mossel Bay, South Africa shows a plane narrowly missing parachutists after the pilot lost control and began to turn down.

“It is a fascinating and unusual thing to see your jump plane in free fall below you,” wrote Bernard Janse van Rensburg, who published the jump video on ViralHog Earlier this week “for general information and educational purposes to the aviation community”.

Last month’s footage shows Janse van Rensburg jumping out of the plane in front of eight other parachutists. He wrote that he felt the Beechcraft King Air “slide” once and then twice.

“I knew something was wrong and decided to let go of the now bankrupt plane,” wrote Janse van Rensburg. But his fellow divers were “completely focused on getting proper positioning and exit timing” and the parachutists “overlooked the tell-tale signs of an impending stall”.

The video shows the plane spiraling out of control and then sinking dangerously close to the divers.

“The moment was surreal and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Everything happened in slow motion and I remember thinking, ‘Do I really see the plane next to us turning its nose down?’ After the turn, the plane started to slide under us, but luckily it didn’t make any contact, “wrote Janse van Rensburg.

Five divers were still on the plane as it spiraled. The pilot took control and landed the aircraft safely, said Janse van Rensburg.

The divers also all made it safely to the ground.

Janse van Rensburg said the incident had been reported to the South African air traffic control authorities.

“The next day, following a discussion with the pilot, the jump team made adjustments to its exit procedure and no other incidents or near-incidents were experienced,” he wrote.

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