Vladimir Putin drives tank across frozen river in sheepskin in bizarre photos

Brazen Russian President Vladimir Putin was seen dressed in sheepskin as he drove a tank over a rickety suspension bridge over a frozen river in Siberia.

He was seen driving the SUV before picnicking in the wild taiga with his Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, who is from the mountainous Tuva region.

The couple was bizarrely depicted with empty vodka glasses on the table and animal skins to warm the seats.

They appeared to be enjoying a feast of sausages and vegetables, including tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions.

In a similar outfit as Putin, he also showed the president the local wildlife in Siberia during the president’s first visit since the beginning of the Covid pandemic.

The images of Putin out and about in sub-zero temperatures seemed to be aimed at portraying him as an “action man,” as opposed to Joe Biden’s slip on the steps of his plane.

The staged images came when Vladimir Putin childishly replied, “You need one to know one” after Joe Biden called him a “murderer” earlier this week.

It was Putin's first trip to Russia's wild east since the pandemic

The Russian president asked his US counterpart to hold a television discussion that was to be broadcast live.

Putin responded scathingly to Biden’s remarks by saying that you need you to know you.

It comes after an ABC message in which Biden said “I do” when asked if he thought Putin was a murderer.

The pictures seem to try to be Putin

It prompted Russia to call back its ambassador in Washington for consultations.

Putin said that every state had to contend with “bloody events”, adding that Biden was accusing the Russian leader of something he was guilty of himself.

Russia is preparing to face a new round of US sanctions in the coming days for this alleged interference as well as an alleged hack.


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