Voda Idea pays Rs 1,367 cr to govt towards licence, spectrum charges

Vodafone Idea

Telecommunications operator Vodafone Idea has submitted about 1,367 crore rupees to the government as license fees and spectrum charges (SUC) for the March quarter, PTI said.

Officials said the telecommunications department had received payment from Vodafone Idea, and added that other operators had made their payments earlier. Contacted, the spokesperson for Vodafone Idea declined to comment on the latest payment.

The payment comes from an aid report according to which the telecommunications sector will not be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, however, past contributions of Rs 90,000 crore continue to create uncertainty for the sector in these times.

Telecom operators still owe 90,000 crore rupees in adjusted gross income (AGR), and there is a lack of clarity on how the money is to be paid – whether it is spread out or on the fly , said the domestic rating agency Icra.

There will be no major impact of the ongoing lockout nationwide due to Covid-19 on telecommunications services, the agency said. The pressure on revenues due to the limited addition of customers, as well as the lack of physical recharges is moderated by the increase in mobile use due to the work of the domestic regime as well as the viewing of content, in addition , to switch to digital top-ups, he said.

Meanwhile, Voda Idea has added network capacity to meet the growing demand for data at Delhi-NCR, amid the ongoing lockdown. The upgraded sites will facilitate a better experience of the domestic network and improve the speed of the network in Delhi-NCR. The company is designed to handle the increased demand from customers confined to their homes, who rely heavily on network connectivity to work, study, access essential services online, stay informed and stay entertained, he added.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced Tuesday that the current foreclosure would be extended until May 3.



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