Volkswagen ID.5 Coupe SUV to be sold only in Europe

It was announced that Volkswagen’s new ID.5 Coupé SUV will only be available in Europe. In other markets, especially in America, customers will have to make do with ID.4.

Volkswagen quickly turned to the electric car market after the exhaust emissions scandal. While the German company devoted itself to electric vehicles in this process, it stated its intention to sell millions of electric cars by 2023.

VW ID.4, the company’s first electric crossover, is also the pioneer of this company’s stance. In addition, this model will be the first member of the ID family to enter global markets. The situation is slightly different for ID.5.

Only sold in Europe

On the other hand, according to the information, VW is preparing a two-door variant of the vehicle. This model will probably be called ID.5. According to the Automative News report, it is learned that the model will only be sold in Europe, while VW enthusiasts in other countries will be satisfied with ID.4.

Verification on the news came from VW’s e-mobility boss Thomas Ulbrich. Speaking to Automobilwoche, Ulbrich said the ID.5 crossover will not be for sale outside of the old continent. This appears to be the case for now.

While the ID.5 will be built on top of the ID.4 as previously mentioned, it will come with a sloped roof to match the more traditional spherical model roof. ID.4 was previously spotted during tests at the Nürburgring circuit. Design visuals have also recently appeared on the internet.

ID.5 will be on sale next year

The VW ID.5 is expected to be on sale next year. Previously, sources such as Automative News Europe had published news in this direction. The ID.3 hatchback, another member of the ID family, will not be left alone.

Volkswagen ID.4 performed very promising in the first driving impressions based on models. While the product will be delayed in markets such as the US market due to manufacturing issues, the procurement process will speed up when the Chattanooga assembly plant becomes operational.

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