Volvo, Technology That Increases In-Vehicle Air Quality

The Swedish automaker Volvo, known for its durable cars, has announced a technology it claims to be the first in the world. The company announced its system that increases the air quality in the vehicles it produces.

Technology is advancing very rapidly in every field, as well as in automobile and automobile technologies. One of the automobile technologies that made great improvements compared to the old times is air conditioners.

Air conditioning technology in automobiles started with blowing air into the vehicle and continued to progress continuously. Today’s modern automatic air control systems can offer different features according to different regions in the vehicle, from keeping the interior temperature constant. But it seems Swedish automaker Volvo is taking them one step further.

Technology to improve cabin air quality from Volvo

Volvo takes things a step further when it comes to car air conditioners and claims to offer air quality technologies in its cars for the first time in the world. According to the company’s claim, the passengers in the vehicle always breathe quality air. The system, called Advanced Air Cleaning technology, is based on a sensor that measures the PM2.5 level, which indicates air quality.

The automaker claims that 95% of harmful PM2.5 particles are removed from the cabin thanks to the synthetic fiber filter and ionization. This system is available on all 60 and 90 series Volvo vehicles manufactured in Scalable Product Architecture. This technology not only cleans the air but also increases the driver’s agility. The system can be controlled from the Volvo On Call smartphone app.

“With our advanced Air Purification technology, you can be sure that the air you breathe in your Volvo is cleaner and healthier,” says Anders Lofvendahl, one of Volvo engineers. Within the company, a team called The Noses is working on such technologies.

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