WandaVision 1×3: Stark Industries named in new episode

Marvel’s new series, WandaVision, debuted on Disney + last week with several new features. Among them, the audience will see fictional commercials while watching the episodes. These commercials will earn viewers several Marvel credentials. One of the first, seen in the first episode, makes a direct quote to Stark Industries.

The commercial in question follows the molds of the 50s classics, a time when these first episodes take place. In it we see a presenter giving details about the product and a woman, characterized as a real housewife, demonstrating the product. This is a very powerful toaster.

In this context, the presenter guarantees that the investment will be very rewarding as the husbands will be extremely proud of their wives who will no longer be able to burn their bread, even if they want to.

However, what draws the most attention in the diegetic ad is the insertion of a very distinctive sound that is very similar to the proton cannons in the Iron Man armor. What does this reference actually represent?

Watch the full scene below:

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The Stark Industries are quite famous in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They belong to the tycoon Tony Stark (played by Robert Dawney Jr. in the movies), of course. However, as it is inserted in the context of WandaVision, there are some interesting things that can be observed in the whole.

The character Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and her brother are the survivors of a missile attack designed by Stark Industries in their homeland. During this conflict, their parents died and the brothers were trapped in the rubble for a few days before being rescued.

So the ad in question brings a lot more than just a simple quote to other Marvel characters, as Wanda certainly still bears a lot of trauma from the event that happened in the past.

The 1 × 3 episode of WandaVision will be screened by Disney + on Friday (22).

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