Warning as e-scooter sparks serious house blaze

A brand new e-scooter started a fire that swept through a house over the weekend.

The firefighters who dealt with the fire have now published pictures to warn people of the dangers of the scooters.

Crews from two Bedfordshire fire stations were called to property in Shefford on Saturday – writes Bedfordshire Live.

According to the fire department, the fire was caused by an e-scooter that was only bought the day before.

A spokesman for the Shefford Community Fire Station said: “The cause of the fire was the e-scooter we bought yesterday!

“Please only buy e-scooters from reputable dealers or companies and make sure that you have a guarantee and that the safety equipment is correct.”

The fire department praised the speed of the homeowners in preventing the fire from spreading by closing their doors behind them.

The spokesman added, “Please also note the importance of closing your doors. It could save your life!

“The quick-thinking owners of the property closed the door on the way out, which in turn prevented the fire and smoke from spreading.”

Two firefighters in respirators fight the fire (Image: Shefford Community Fire Station)

Firefighters say most e-scooter fires are caused by battery problems.

Everyone involved in the incident was reported to be safe and sound.

Next to the Shefford Community Fire Station, the incident was attended by fire fighters from the Bedford Community Fire Station.

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