Warning issued ahead of Halloween as 'sweets laced with cannabis found' by police

As Halloween approaches, the police have given parents a strong warning that cannabis-infused candy has been found.

The alert was posted on social media after officials found a stash of candy from Gas Heads Xtremes Sourfuls in Rochdale town center.

While the seemingly innocent package is aimed at children and adolescents, the contents contain traces of the illegal class B drug cannabis.

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The Greater Manchester Police Department in Rochdale released a picture of the find and said, “The Milkstone Deeplish team in the city center was on patrol today and came across these packages that at first glance look like candy for young people, but closer Contemplation We found that they contain cannabis.

“This could have serious consequences for any young person or child who consumes it. Please keep an eye on Halloween to see what your children are consuming.”

A Facebook user commented on the post: “These parcels all over Rochdale. I’ve seen them before.

Another added, “Anyone who gives these to my grandchildren will have the police knock on the door.”

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