Warning to check train times in England as 28 per cent of services cut

People who need to travel by train during the lockdown are encouraged to check the trip planners as timetables will be cut.

Due to the recent coronavirus lockdown in England, services will be reduced from around 87% of normal levels to 72%.

Industry association Rail Delivery Group (RDG) said this reflects the lower number of travelers and offers better value for money for taxpayers who are letting franchise train operators down to keep trains running.

Morning and evening summit services are prioritized to support key employees.

Some timetables have already been changed, others will be changed in the coming weeks.

The RDG said changes will be made so that services “can be restored as soon as possible if restrictions are relaxed”.

Vacation travel is currently prohibited as people are only allowed to leave the house for limited reasons.

Robert Nisbet, RDG Director for Nations and Regions, said, “Moving to a shortened schedule during this time of much lower demand will give people who need to travel peace of mind while saving taxpayers’ money.

“We are asking people to check this out before they travel in the coming weeks, and we thank our frontline workers, whose hard work keeps other key people moving.”

Rail Minister Chris Heaton-Harris said, “It is important that our railways continue to provide reliable services to key workers and people who cannot adequately work from home, and that they respond quickly to changes in demand.

“The new reduced schedule delivers this and reduces the taxpayer’s financial burden.

“The level of service will vary depending on the operator and the changes will take effect over the next few weeks.

“Passengers using the railways, including those who need to go to vaccination centers, should check their route before traveling and do so outside of peak hours if possible.”


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