Warning to WhatsApp users as tech expert spots iPhone and Android text scam

A tech expert has warned users of a new scam that could catch WhatsApp users.

Tech pro Alexis Conran shared the new trick to warn people so they don’t fall for the trick.

He went to Twitter and said, “This is a WhatsApp scam that is still catching people.”

“It starts with this text message that arrives on your phone out of the blue.”

In the thread, he informed followers that after receiving this message, a WhatsApp message from someone will appear in your contacts.

It will read, “Hello, I’m sorry, I accidentally sent you a 6-digit code via SMS. Can you transfer it to me, please? It’s urgent.

Alexis continued, “What actually happened is that your friend’s account was hacked.

“Scammers are now trying to hack all of their contacts. You are one of them.”

“You are trying to set up a WhatsApp on a new device with your number.

“WhatsApp confirms this and sends a 6-digit authorization code to your mobile phone via SMS.

“The scammers are now trying to get you to pass it on to them by posing as a friend of yours.”

Alexis explained that if you send the code to the hacker masquerading as one of your friends, your WhatsApp will also be hacked.

He advised users to enable two-step verification on their devices if they haven’t already. reports the sun.

He also said to contact the friend who sent the message to let him know he was scammed – but by calling him or texting him, not through WhatsApp.

This means your friend can sign out of WhatsApp and turn on two-step verification, which “cuts out scammers,” Alexis said.

Consumer company which one? has now also been informed of the fraud and asked the public to be aware of it.


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