Warnock blasts Georgia's voting overhaul

A proposal to end early voting on Sunday – a popular option among black voters for church “Souls to the Polls” events – was one of the most controversial changes under consideration at the Statehouse, but the package that was released on Thursday by Governor Brian Kemp was signed. In the end, face-to-face voting increased over the weekend.

Republicans in Georgia and elsewhere have called the urge to contain electoral laws as promoting “electoral integrity” and responding to concerns about “rampant electoral fraud” – despite a lack of evidence that it is a pervasive problem.

“You are going to literally make public order based on a lie, based on a feeling that some people feel like things didn’t go the way they should have been?” Warnock said. “Is that how we do public order?”

Warnock, who, along with fellow countryman Jon Ossoff, dismissed an incumbent Republican senator in a runoff election in January that followed the state’s loss of former President Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

Linking those victories to the recently passed $ 1.9 trillion economic agreement, Warnock reiterated its call for the Senate to pass laws to improve access to voting – and that if necessary Change filibuster.

“The question of voting rights is about democracy itself,” he said. “It’s way bigger than any Senate rule.”

Democratic MP Park Cannon was arrested after she was among a group of protesters who gathered outside the governor’s office when Kemp signed the law. Video recordings recorded She knocked on the door and was then arrested and forcibly removed from the governor’s office. Warnock, a pastor, said that Cannon is a member of his ward and that he visited her last night while she was being held.

“We all owe her literal gratitude for standing up,” he said.

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