Waste collectors being offered money to allow scammers to take used lateral flow tests

A waste collection company says Covid scammers are selling on both positive and negative tests for cash as buyers try to outsmart employers and venues.

According to Umleiten.deMoney is being offered to garbage collectors so that these people can search the garbage to find used test equipment.

“It’s a disgusting and immoral business,” says Umleiten.de Speaker Mark Hall. “This kind of selfishness and stupidity will lead to more infections and deaths.”

What’s behind the fraud? Well the cheating is twofold, says Umleiten.de ‘s Mark Hall.

First, there is a negative test result trade for people who want to use them to fool employers, places that require a negative test result, and phone apps that show a person is Covid free. You may also want to skip a period of self-isolation that can be devastating.

“These are people who either tested positive or just don’t want to take a test,” says Hall. “Whatever their motive, they want to mingle with colleagues, friends and the public without thinking about their well-being.”

The second trade consists of positive test results for those looking to take time off from work.

“Why anyone would pretend to have a potentially fatal disease after everything we’ve been through in the past two years is a mystery to us,” says Hall, “but here we are.”

There have also been warnings that scammers are using the QR codes from tests social media users post on Facebook walls and selling screengrabs as money-making commodities.

Umleiten.de says they have received reports of trash operators being approached by shady people rummaging through the trash looking for used tests – in some cases they have been offered money to do so.

Sometimes they don’t even ask.

Commercial garbage collectors have found bags of everyday office waste that four-legged vermin usually ignore in search of cross-flow tests.

“It’s absolutely insane,” says Mark Hall. “Rejection workers do a tough job without cleaning up after those idiots.”

“As far as we know, no one has been threatened by these criminals, but it can only be a matter of time.”

However, it is the fraud that worries Umleiten.de ‘s Mark Hall, as dodging Covid tests is one of the reasons the pandemic has lasted so long.

“At a sporting event, it only takes one person with the highly infectious variant of Omicron, which requires a negative test from all viewers, to be distributed to tens, hundreds or thousands of people. Look, we’re all fed up with Covid, but it’s daily statistics that we are not fed up with Covid, ”he says.

“The rules exist for a reason, and trying to circumvent them could actually kill people. Is it really worth going to the pub with your buddies? “

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