Watch John Stamos' adorable 'It's a Small World' sing-along with wife and son

Now this has been quarantined.

In a new video posted to Instagram by John Stamos on Thursday, the former “Full House” star is shown in bed with his wife, Caitlin McHugh Stamos, and their son, Billy, who turns 2 on April, and they have a blast while singing “It’s a Small World (After All)” on guitar and ukulele … or trying to sing:

Of course, all adults have their Mickey (and Minnie) Mouse ears.

“It’s a Small World” Sing-A-Long family turned into a “Small Disaster”! #Bedjams #quarantine #stayhome, “Stamos wrote in the caption.

It was supposed to be a family music session, and they manage to pull out a few lines before the chaos (in the form of a 1-year-old who doesn’t seem to be a music lover) starts acting. First Billy takes a few turns, then he sobs and pushes Mommy out of bed, then Daddy gives him a raspberry … and then Mommy and Billy get out of bed!

Hilarious Social Distancing Memes

What should a father do? Cry “rock ‘n roll!” and throw a Mickey toy at the camera!

“It’s a Small World” was composed in 1964 by Disney songwriters (and brothers) Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman. In 2017, Richard published a book called “A Kiss Goodnight” (illustrated by Floyd Norman) about the inspiration for the song, which wanted Walt Disney to be a “kiss good night” to Disneyland and Disney World park visitors at the end of each day . .

So it was entirely right that Disney released a Twitter video on Thursday of Stamos reading from “A Kiss Goodnight,” which he does with a lot less chaos (but while appearing in a Dumbo cart of the Disneyland ride):

“I know this is a really hard time for everyone – and we can’t go to Disneyland or Disney World – but we have our family, we have our friends, and we have Disney,” Stamos said in the video. “So let’s do what he would do and find magic every day.”

Disney love is deep in the Stamos household; he introduced Caitlin to Disney World in 2017 after showing a shot movie he made of romantic moments from Pixar and Disney movies. The couple even honeymooned at Disney World!

The couple got married in 2018, and Billy came soon after. They are clearly also trying to get him on the Disney train – which we expect will come soon enough. For now, we bet Billy is just really happy that Mom and Dad are always around to be crazy!

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