Watch live as NASA's Perseverance Mars rover set to land on Red Planet

A Mars rover will soon land on the Red Planet – a historic achievement for mankind.

The feat was carefully crafted after nine years of careful planning.

But the final moments of the nearly 300 million mile journey of the NASA Perseverance Rover will be fierce.

After a seven-month journey through space, the vehicle races at a speed of around 19,000 km / h.

When touching down at around 8:55 p.m. (GMT), the probe enters the planet’s atmosphere before being slowed to near zero in a controlled collision with the giant’s surface.

The Jezero Crater Sample Collection Trip is NASA’s first mission to focus on one important question: Was there ever life on Mars?

The rover, which departed in July, is examining the planet’s ancient surroundings for clues to past life and water.

Footage captured by NASA and a helicopter called Ingenuity is not shown in real time due to the time lag between Mars and Earth.

But you can overhear while the world waits for the first pictures to land.

Join us for the countdown live and follow our blog below for the latest updates …


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