Watch the First Presidential Debate With ‘The Nation’


And so we finally got there: the first of three presidential debates in what feels like the longest election cycle in American history – when in fact it isn’t. At least eleven thousand years have passed. (Fact-checking: true and false at the same time.) For the first time, former Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and President Donald Trump will appear on stage together. And the anticipation kills us. No really, the official US death toll from Covid-19 topped 200,000 last week and the west coast is on fire. Will Chris Wallace ask about Trump’s taxes? After an online riot, has he added climate to his list of debate topics? Will Wallace ignore the demands? Trump’s people are said to have done not to mention the death toll in Covid? Time and patience, dear readers. To ease the anxiety and perhaps the feeling of isolation, our correspondents will be tweeting the debate live. Scroll down to see their comment. And when you are ready, you can follow the debate here too.

– Anna Hiatt



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