WatchOS 8 Introduced; Portrait Photo-Based Watch Face And Other Innovations

Apple watch OS 8 announced the operating system. The new software that will power Apple Watch’s smartwatches will follow last year’s Apple It Apple watch OS 7 and will primarily be made available to developers to test their apps. We expect the final release, which will be available to everyone, to arrive in the fall.

Apple is releasing a new Apple Watch app called Mindfulness, an extension of the Breath app that lets you breathe all day long. This app adds new animations and other features to help you relax.

The fitness app is gaining more and more types of exercises like tai chi and pilates. The Apple Watch Health app clearly tracks your breathing rate and alerts you if it doesn’t fit into your normal pattern.

New portrait-based watch face with Apple watch OS 8

Apple watch OS 8 innovations include a new watch face that lets you use a photo taken with the iPhone’s portrait mode and add text and other information in layers behind the contact image. Apple says you can customize what text is displayed and how it integrates with the image itself.

Likewise, the Photos app on the watch is getting a new layout and updates with the ability to share photos directly via Messages or Apple’s Mail app. There are also new text entry options when replying to messages.

Apple watch OS 8 gets some new features that come with iOS 15, including the new Focus mode that lets you choose apps or contacts to send you notifications in certain situations. A number of other new features are also coming, including rainfall alerts for the next hour. Apple also said the Watch Series 6 will win for car key support using the UWB receiver. Like AirTag, you can also use your watch to find other Apple devices.

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