59+ Water Pick up Lines

Looking for some creative and witty waterfall pickup lines? Look no further! Whether you’re a single guy or a couple, these clever lines will help you strike up a conversation with anyone. So why not give them a try next time you’re out and about? Who knows – you might just make some new friends in the process!


Water Pick up Lines

Water Pickup Lines

Water pickup lines are a great way to start a conversation with someone you’re interested in. They’re subtle, and can be used in any situation – whether you’re out at a bar, on a date, or just hanging out with friends. If you’re looking to try out some new pickup lines, or want to spice up your conversations, check out this list of water-based lines!

  1. Being a mermaid, I assume you are very accustomed to seamen.
  2. My mouth went dry when you walked by. Could I have your water?
  3. You must have given God a hard time making your eyes out of crystal clear ocean water.
  4. If you love water, it means you 70% of me.
  5. I can’t decide which is prettier today: the sky, the water or your eyes.
  6. You are the sweetest fish I see in this sea.
  7. I’d be the Atlantic Ocean if love were a drop of water.
  8. I’m told your body is made up of 75% water and so is mine. That’s why I feel we are a perfect match.
  9. My friends bet me that I won’t date the most beautiful girl on the river. Can we have a drink later with their money ‘cause you’ve made me win the bet?
  10. I dreamt the oceans have conspired to have you join me for a drink.
  11. I have had so many one-dive stands. I’m currently looking for some meaningful buddy breathing.
  12. I wonder why I didn’t notice you in the winter months.
  13. I never thought someone could have eyes bluer that the Atlantic Ocean until I met you.
  14. You are like a cool glass of refreshing water and I’m the thirstiest man in the world.
  15. I love the way the water pounds when you walk by.
  16. Even lane lines can’t keep us apart.
  17. You must be a fan of water polo. You look like you like to get down and dirty in water.
  18. Can I dive in the water and blow bubbles for you?
  19. If you love me I’d go diving with you every morning.
  20. I can’t be this thirsty when your body is 75% water.
  21. Can I go down the water with you?
  22. Your watery eyes are like sunset: inspiring and beautiful.
  23. Your eyes are so blue. I guess I’d be lost in them if I saw them daily.
  24. You’ve got my heart beating. I thought you are the splash-and-dash.
  25. Do you believe in penetration on the first dive?
  26. That water bottle would look better on the floor next to my bed.

Lake Pick up Lines

Lake Pick up Lines

Do you love spending time by the water? If so, then you’ll love these lake pickup lines! Whether you’re looking for a little fun or want to start a conversation, these lines will get you in the mood for a cozy evening by the lake. So put on your swimsuit, grab your favorite book, and hit the water – the possibilities are endless!

  1. I promise to swim across the ocean just to see you smile.
  2. I wish holing my water polo when I realized I should be holding you.
  3. Hey cutie, I’d swim up to 800 meters for your love.
  4. There’s more than one chest of value in these waters.
  5. Are you that one block of water?
  6. Girl, you’re like the SAT
  7. Do you need water to live?
  8. Because I’d love to dive in you
  9. I can turn your girl into mine
  10. Are you a Water bender? Because you’re making me really wet.
  11. Come to this watering hole often?
  12. I’d do you for 3 hours and only stop for water breaks
  13. Because, dam….
  14. I want to take my kids to a water slide
  15. Cam I use your throat
  16. Hey girl are you a barrier constructed, across a river, to hold back water and raise its level, forming a reservoir used to generate electricity or as a water supply?
  17. This is my cousin’s other pickup line. I’m doing this cuz he’s been trying and no girl will go out with him. He even stopped throwing mashed potatoes on the ceiling! He’s getting discouraged. I’m looking to cheer him up.
  18. You see, your body is 70% water
  19. Jesus turns water into wine
  20. Yeah? Look, we already have something in common!
  21. And I’m thirsty

Waterfall Pick up Lines

Waterfall Pick up Lines
  1. I’m as thirsty for your love as the pilgrims were for water.
  2. Hey did you know your body is 70% water?
  3. Are you thirsty? Cause I can give you the Sunny-D.
  4. I’m very thirsty.
  5. Are you Anti-diuretic hormone? Cause you’re making me thirsty.
  6. The word says “Give drink to those who are thirsty, and feed the hungry,” how about dinner?
  7. Are you lithium cuz I’m thirsty for you.
  8. And, I’m thirsty.
  9. I’m thirsty for some Romulan male.
  10. You see, your body is 70% water
  11. Did you know your body is roughly ~70% water?
  12. And I’m thirsty
  13. Hey girl, did you know that human body is up to 60% water? Because I’m thirsty

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