Ways England could get out of Covid lockdown restrictions

From the return of the kids to their desks to the pubs reopening, there has been a lot of speculation about how lockdown restrictions could be relaxed.

Boris Johnson will publish his “roadmap” next Monday.

Here’s a look at how it might turn out.

How is the government dealing with the easing of restrictions?

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the government “absolutely” wants the current lockdown to be the last.

He told BBC Breakfast that he wanted to make sure that measures were relaxed “carefully and cautiously”.

He said: “Having a sustainable exit, that is, lifting the measures so that they are sustainable and we don’t need any further lockdown, is obviously an important part of our deliberations.”

“For me, the gist of the judgment is that we need to make to ensure that we use caution and caution when lifting measures to ensure we don’t have to put them back on.”

Mr Johnson said he would set dates “when we can” and stated that these will likely be target dates “by which we hope to do something at the earliest”.

Which will open again first?

Ministers said reopening schools in England on March 8 remains a top priority, although reports say the return may be staggered with secondary schools returning a week later.

Mr Johnson said no decisions had been made as to whether grade groups between schools in England could return together or whether primaries and secondary schools could be staggered.

Professor Neil Ferguson, who advises the government on the Advisory Group on New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats (Nervtag), said the modeling suggests that “there is likely scope for all schools to reopen,” but admitted that ” slightly more of a “risk” in an increase in cases than if only elementary schools were reopened.

Professor Gabriel Scally, president of the Epidemiology and Public Health Division of the Royal Society of Medicine and a member of Independent Sage, said schools must be made safe before they reopen.

He told Good Morning Britain, “By taking up extra space, improving ventilation, lengthening the use of masks in schools – all of these things will help.”

What does the rest of the road map look like?

After schools, the next areas of relaxation are expected to be non-essential business and the rules for recreation and socializing in the open air.

Various reopening dates for catering have been suggested in media reports, with the optimistic proposals varying from Easter weekend to May, with the caveat that the first reopening can be for the outside rather than the inside.

What does the hotel industry say?

Kate Nicholls, managing director of UKHospitality, has called for a “very clear strategy for the gradual exit from the lockdown”.

Speaking about Good Morning Britain, she said that they “need not only the original date but also the lifting of those restrictions related to the launch of the vaccine”.

She added that companies would need more support if restrictions persist.

In a recent letter to Patrick Dardis, general manager of pub giant Young, Mr Johnson said: “There’s no reason pubs can’t open in April to give people back their freedom and their favorite pub.”

Dardis spoke on BBC Radio 4’s World At One Monday about reports that pubs are only allowed to serve customers outside, as “nonsense” and “only as a block in another name”.

Dr. However, Bharat Pankhania, senior clinical lecturer at the University of Exeter Medical School, said it was “premature” to talk about reopening pubs in April and pub bosses need to realize the risk “at first Place to return ”.

And what about vacation?

Ministers are considering plans for people who live in the same household to be able to take breaks together from April, the Times reported.

The Save Future Travel Coalition, made up of 12 leading travel trade organizations, said it was important that the government work with industry to develop a roadmap for reopening travel.

The coalition warns that the industry cannot afford to wait for everyone in the UK to be vaccinated before people start traveling again. Otherwise, bankruptcies and layoffs are inevitable.

The industry argues that a risk-based approach to travel, including a coordinated approach to vaccine certificates and the use of passenger testing, will be critical to opening up the overseas market.

Last week Downing Street said the government was “doing everything it can to make sure people can vacation this summer,” but Mr Johnson and other ministers have repeatedly suggested that it is too early to be sure what people are saying in relation to this can do vacation.

When can we see the family again?

This is still unclear, but the Daily Telegraph reported that plans are being considered that would allow grandparents to see grandchildren outdoors as early as next month.

The Daily Mail reported that the rule of six could revert to outdoor gatherings so people can meet in groups for walks or picnics in the park.


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