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We Could Use a Leader Like George McGovern Again

George McGovern

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Often times, while living through the campaign nightmare, I dreamed of another American world. Anything but this.

With this in mind, I also looked at a photo of my fourth grade, born in 1972. Behind our heads, a collage was attached to the wall, a kind of tapestry that I could see quite clearly. It was reminiscent of the promise and chaos of a turbulent year so long ago. The promise lay in a segment with the words “Peace” and a green ecology flag, a black baseball player (Brooklyn Dodger’s second baseman Jackie Robinson, who died that year) and a clenched fist in the outline of the symbol for women (for the new feminism of this moment and the pursuit of equality for women).

The chaos of that era featured images of B-52s dropping bombs in Vietnam (a war that was still going on) and a demonstration for the racist Alabama governor and presidential candidate George Wallace (likely because he was shot and wounded in one was attack that could). A rocket marked “USA” reminded me that this country was still launching triumphant Apollo missions to the moon at that time.

How far have we come in less than half a century! In 2020, “peace” isn’t even a word in the US politically Dictionary; despite Greta Thunberg, a growing climate change movement, and Joe Bidens $ 2 trillion Climate plan, ecology was largely a foreign word in the elections in the past, when both parties were in favor of fracking and fossil fuels (even if Biden’s embrace was less tight); Major League Baseball has actually suffered A rejection in the number of African American players in recent years; and the pursuit of equality for women remains clear unfulfilled.




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