We Need a Reckoning With Trump’s Enablers

It has been almost a week since the President of the United States called a mob to armed uprising against the US government’s legislature. And this week it became clear how fascist that crowd of Yahoo was and how Hitler was the ringmasters – Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and others – who lit the fuse for democracy and then sat back to watch their devil’s work play out out.

This week, the extremism of Trump’s supporters of the last redoubt has been fully flaunted and looped over as the media eventually grapples with the far-right culture that Trump emerged from and further empowered. Think about the person who was caught with his camera “Camp Auschwitz” shirt. Or the Excrement smearing nihilists who only seemed to want destruction and desecration. Think about the possible hostage takers, with their plastic straps, some of which thankfully are now investigated by counter-terrorism prosecutors.

The rats leave this sinking ship late. Betsy DeVos, Elaine Chao and Mick Mulvaney resigned after the Trump-sparked uprising. Mike Pence and Steven Mnuchin haven’t resigned yet, but are reportedly considering keeping the 25th Amendment threat on Trump in order to contain their mad king in his devastating final days. Senators Lisa Murkowski, Ben Sasse and Pat Toomey have all expressed an interest in either indicting Trump or urging him to resign. Along with many of their colleagues, they no longer pretend to be in the slightest of deference and no longer feel the need to kiss the ring.

Companies are fleeing from Trumpland and the PGA announced that there would be no more prestigious golf tournament in a Trump resort in 2022. Other companies defuse Republican politicians who oppose the results of the electoral college.

Almost every major social media site has banned both Trump himself and his money-making systems. Twitter’s former Grifter king is now in a subdued demagogue. Trump has – as we British call it – been talking out of his ass all his adult life. Now at last the sphincter of this honorable organ has snapped it shut and left it trapped in its own filth with no way out.


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