We Never Stopped to Think About What JoJo Siwa's Hair Actually Looks Like, but Wow



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Like Ariana Grande, Jojo Siwa is one of those stars who practically lives in one hairstyle. For Siwa, it is a straight, high ponytail with a matching hair bow. She wears this signature look so often that we never really thought about how she would look without it. But in a video on her TikTok, Siwa swapped her famous ponytail and bow to show off her naturally curly blonde hair. Who knows?

The rare glimpse of Siwa’s hair texture happened at the end of a TikTok, where she wore several unique, colorful and glittery outfits (very popular for her) before changing into a regular t-shirt and giving the camera a hair. The ‘historic moment’, as some of her fans call it, has resulted hundreds of reaction videos from people who were just as surprised as we were to spike her curly hair.

Siwa’s iconic look with her bow and ponytail dates all the way back in 2015 (we know that) when she appeared on Dance mothers as one of the cast members, along with Maddie Ziegler.

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