We Still Aren’t Prepared for the Fact That Trump May Steal the Election

Proud Boys

Several times a day people text me or text me a direct message and ask, “What can we do?” This is usually the last question I am asked on a radio or television appearance. My mom asks me the question every night, only she’s my mom, so it sounds more like a question than a question.

People who have paid attention understand that we are losing. You get that Amy Coney Barrett’s elevation to the Supreme Court is functionally unstoppable. They understand that Donald Trump has an infrastructure in place to stifle the vote in the upcoming election – or get his hand-picked judges to hand him over, or have electoral college voters steal the election or even use military force to hold on to power afterwards lose the election. They know that the document leak showing that Trump avoided paying taxes or completely defrauding the American government will not cost him any concrete support from his base.

Everyone honestly knows that last night’s debate didn’t matter to most voters. Trump’s ignorance and incompetence have contributed to over 206,000 American deaths. If you’re still ready to vote for Trump, there is nothing he can say in a two-hour “debate” that would change your mind.

What is harder for people to worry about is the fact that we have already lost. I know I’m supposed to say that “2020 election is the most important choice of our lives” but it is not. The 2016 election was the most important choice of our lives and we as a nation failed. The media failed to get a precise treatment of Trump. The left was not inspired by an imperfect candidate. The law could not demonstrate moral or intellectual integrity. Over 100 million people did not show up. I haven’t helped enough people understand what was to come because I understood the inherent danger of John Roberts’ disastrous decision to pass the voting rights law Shelby County v Holder.

So the 2020 election is not our last chance to win. It is not an opportunity to correct the wrongs of the past. This election battle is more like the battle of Dunkirk. We fight for the chance to withdraw. We fight for a chance to fight another day.

Even if we “win” it will take years to get back what we lost, and some people will never get back what was taken. A study from the University of Washington Projects By the end of this year, 410,000 coronaviruses had died, twice as many as now. And it’s not like death stops on January 1st or January 20th if Joe Biden wins. Some estimates suggest it that 1.3 million Americans would have to die to achieve the mythical goal of “herd immunity,” and Republicans seem intent on killing every one of them. Republican governors and culture warriors won’t stop spreading their misinformation just because Biden is president.



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