Wealthy British killer’s teen son relives desperate attempts to save dying mum

Computer programmer Geoffrey Elton admitted killing his wife after stabbing her 16 times in her home on the Costa del Sol – his teenage son spoke of the moment he discovered his mother covered in blood

Geoffrey Elton admitted killing his wife Gloria at their home in the Spanish resort of Estepona (


A teenage son relived the harrowing moment when he found his mother covered in blood after she was allegedly stabbed 16 times by his father.

Computer programmer Geoffrey Elton admitted to killing his wife Gloria Tornay on March 9, 2019, heard a court on the Costa del Sol.

The brave Alonso Tornay remembered the disgusting moment when his father threw three phones into the garden of their expat house when his bloodied mother was struggling on her bed.

The teenager, who was only 15 at the time of the brutal attack, ran out the front door to get the phones, to get his dying mother’s help, and to call 999.

His father then locked the front door so he couldn’t get back in.

Alonso also identified one of the two knives prosecutors say Elton stabbed to death of mother-of-two and headmistress Gloria.

The Spanish spokesman Alonso, who was just 18 years old, said in court in Malaga that he was awakened by a blow after a “normal” dinner with his parents.

He got up and found his ailing mother after following a trail of blood that led to her room.

“She was on her knees on the left side of the bed and leaned one hand over her face,” he said.

A court heard son Alonso relive the moment when he was desperately trying to help his mother when she was lying there covered in blood



When asked by prosecutor Julio Angel Martinez Carazo, he added, “She was covered in blood and I asked her what had happened.

“She didn’t answer, so I went to the kitchen to get some paper to try to close her wounds.

“When I came back with more paper, I saw my father arrive with a knife and blood on his hands.

“My mother still didn’t speak, but he said she had an accident and then asked me for a hug.

“I told him to call an ambulance and he threw the landline and two cell phones, including my mother’s phone, into the garden.

“I ran out the open front door to find them and call the police, and I heard the door slam and lock behind me so I couldn’t get in.”

Alonso was shown the kitchen knife with a black handle that he allegedly found covered in blood in a sub-camp.

He told the jury that he had smashed the glass behind bars over the kitchen window with a hammer when his father barked “that’s enough” before he drank a glass of water and offered him something behind the broken pane.

Alonso added, “I heard my mother yelling ‘Don’t hurt the boy’ from the bedroom.

“I heard her scream like she had never done before. I kept screaming for help and a neighbor heard me and called the police.

“They gave me a warming blanket when I arrived because I was in shock and they kept me outside.

“It must have taken a good 30 minutes to force open the front door because it was a reinforced door.

“I saw my father come out handcuffed. I was still under the covers when the police told me my mother had died. “

Elton, 57, faces up to 14 years in prison if convicted of the murder of his wife.

The Briton’s own defense attorney branded him “dangerous” prior to his confession in the courtroom on Monday.

But Juan Antonio Lopez Alvarez said he killed Gloria from the aftermath of a mental illness and should be treated in a safe psychiatric center before being expelled from Spain and placed in the care of the British authorities.

Elton alleged his wife and family spied on him from the Jordanian embassy with the help of a relative of a Spanish police officer, although his youngest son insisted he never mentioned it and did not have any mental disorders he knew about.

The British woman was charged with drugging the “clean” Gloria, 58, with methadone and morphine for divorcing him and attempting to suffocate and strangle her after sex before she was repeatedly stabbed .

She died of blood loss after hypovolemic shock.

One of the first police officers on the scene told the court that it took him “15 to 20 minutes” to break into the house with colleagues with a large hammer and an ax.

“There was a lot of blood in there and a man on his back and a woman in fetal position lying on the bed in one of the bedrooms,” he said.

“I could immediately see that the woman was dead. The man had blood on his hands and said ‘kill me, kill me’

“He asked me if I knew why he did this and then said the woman betrayed him by giving information to a relative at the Jordanian embassy.”

An unnamed police inspector said: “After he got to the police station, he said he threw the phones away to avoid his wife getting help.”

The process continues.


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