Wear OS: ” Spotify And YouTube Music ”Enjoyment Will Increase

Wear OS will enhance your music enjoyment. During the keynote of Google’s I / O 2021 event, which kicked off Tuesday, Spotify’s product leader responsible for automobiles and wearables announced an exciting new feature Wear OS appliances. Spotify’s 356 million users can download and listen to music directly to their watches without carrying their phones.

This feature has not yet been included in the announced new design, but Spotify noted that it is currently being worked on. The announcement came with Google’s announcement that it will be merged Wear OS with Samsung Tizen. In Tuesday’s I / O keynote, Google promised that the updated operating system will deliver faster performance and longer battery life. All this remains a problem Wear OS watches now.

On the other hand, the YouTube Music app similarly adds the ability to download music tracks directly to Wear OS appliances. Thus, users can listen to music without a smartphone nearby.

Google’s smartwatch operating system lagged Apple in many ways, including offline music streaming. Apple Watch has been able to play songs downloaded to the watch via Apple Music for years while not on the phone. We’ve seen that before Google’s Wear OS operating system, it has released YouTube Music app for Apple Watch. When Gizmodo published an article in November last year about listening to music without a phone on smartwatches, he described a method for Wear OS which acts more or less like an MP3 player and requires the transfer of local music files you already own.

Since the shutdown of Google Play Music, Wear OS users did not have many options for offline music. But now, Google’s Wear OS watches can take the Apple Watch a step further when it comes to playing Spotify songs offline. An active internet connection is required to listen to Spotify songs on Apple Watch. In the past, some other watches also included offline Spotify playback, such as Garmin’s flagship Forerunner sports watches and some Samsung Galaxy wearables.

You can watch the introductions to the Spotify and YouTube Music app for yourself during the special session that Google is organizing for Wear OS in I / O 2021. In the video below, the YouTube Music announcement starts at 2:38 PM and the Spotify demo starts at 12:50 PM.

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