Wentworth Season 8 ready for July release, synopsis of episode 1 revealed, more on new faces

Wentworth Season 8 ready for July release, synopsis of episode 1 revealed, more on new faces

In the first installment, Foxtel drama show, Wentworth had its viewers at a vice-like grip.

Along with violence and the tension did not stop there, with one shock after another.


When Wentworth started arguably the greatest star was Catherine McClements, as prison boss Meg Jackson. But incident one was left by her at a body bag. It allowed audiences to know that no personality was secure, regardless of who played them. We have seen high caliber actors such as Sigrid Th


Bea Smith came leaving girl Debbie. Crime manager Jacs Holt, her prison nemesis had a boy, Brayden, who got she overdosed and Debbie hooked on heroin. Cue the revenge of Bea. She murdered Jacs (turns out there is more than 1 use for a pencil ) and broke out of prison to monitor Brayden. His smirk later the name of Debbie was cited could be an error. For Bea, that was in prison for life, yet another murder along with a breakout was worth the danger to avenge her daughter.


The duel involving Danielle Cormack as Pamela Rabe and inmate Bea Smith Joan’The Freak’ Ferguson has been an acting masterclass. You knew it was not likely to finish well: the scene in which Bea told Ferguson through a riot”You do not run this prison, so I do” indicated it was game on. To inmate, the wicked manners of Ferguson had seen her movement by now four and she’d Queen Bea in her landscapes. But following The Freak attempted to kill the girlfriend Allie of Bea, audiences obtained the showdown they waited for. Bea decided she would impale herself using a screwdriver throughout the struggle and frame The Freak for the murder, her final words a very simple whisper” I win.” Wentworth diehards write fan fiction trusting she will return. Dream on, dreamers.

Libby Tanner, Jake Ryan, Martin Sacks, Celia Ireland, Steve Bastoni and Thornton go and come where a free to air network could insist that they remain put to Invite audiences.


Lucy Gambaro (Sally Anne Upton) was a rather nasty bit of work at Wentworth, always there if something rotten was occurring. Turns out there was something and she believed she got a dental appointment. But The Freak, that took on the role of nurses be attacked by her. When Juicy Lucy opened wide The Freak sliced her tongue out. When The Freak delivered it to a different among her enemies its surface, at a gift box. And that does not even make the Top 10 of matters that were dreadful Vera has been done to by The Freak.


So Bea’s dead, The Freak is in prison and out for revenge, well, pretty much everybody. Including Allie. Season five finished with an escape strategy (it’s a prison) in which Allie and Franky Doyle would leave interior wooden gardening boxes. In the last moment, Allie obtained prison guard May Jackson did a switcheroo with The Freak involved and stayed put. The Freak was driven by Jackson and buried her alive. Allie had stuck a photo of Bea in there to maintain the Freak business. Except for no one thought that was likely to kill Your Freak did they?


The laundry area isn’t a space in Wentworth. The steam media was a torture tool manner back to the times of Prisoner. And if you have been summoned into the steam media you are departing with burns in your hands Bea Smith became top dog by providing Franky Doyle’s palms on the treatment. But by now six its was time to mix it up and if Kaz Proctor (RIP) needed to instruct newbie Rita Connors a lesson in maintaining the prison violence-free, she chased up the Janome and stitched through her hands. Ouch.


For a moment there, it seemed like season seven Wentworth will bring a little bit of light and love to doubt. By being in jail Rita Connors, that had been undercover, was going to wed her boyfriend, Ray. There was a dress, confetti, and smiles — till a bikie, because he tried to sign in security awakened to Wentworth and shot dead in cold blood Ray. Poor Rita was abandoned at the altar in the worst manner. Lesson: you will find not any happy endings in Wentworth. Well maybe except for this time Boomer obtained a visit.


Lizzie Birdsworth was the mommy in the prison of everyone. Her daughter made a stint in lockdown. The personality started to fight with dementia, discovering herself being taken advantage of as her memory allowed down her. Wentworth’s latest collection ended with an episode that was frenzied — such as a siege — and Vera Bennett giving birth, her daughter delivered Liz and by Boomer. However, after having a life Boomer suffocated her and maintained her pact. RIP Liz.


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